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Why did Tucker Carlson accept money to promote British Shill Nigel Farage ? I thought he was a journalist - didn’t he do any research ? Maybe he just reads the scripts, and takes the money, who knows.
Is Nigel Farage trying to INFLUENCE American elections, like they RIGGED the Brexit vote?
WTF is going on here - it looks like corruption to me?
Especially since Farage is British Deep state.
“Mr Banks, through Southern Rock, paid American lobbying firm Goddard Gunster £64,064 for a 'Nigel Farage Brexit Policyp Luncheon' and paid Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson (pictured) £11,305.41 to interview Mr Farage at the event. At the RNC, Mr Farage met Republican Senator Bob Corker and John Bolton, currently serving as Donald Trump's National Security Advisor. The meetings were coordinated by the American strategy firm. Gerry Gunster, of Goddard Gunster, proposed capitalising on Farage's celebrity to establish a new international political consultancy.

Goddard Gunster International would be an 'international political powerhouse' which was 'uniquely positioned with key executive staff that are closely aligned with the new US administration.'

The organisation would cover 'strategy, lobbying, creative services and paid advocacy,' with 'counsel provided by Mr Nigel Farage.'

The proposal reportedly suggested a 50/50 'division of profits' between Gerry Gunster and Arron Banks, with a 'separate agreement with Nigel Farage.'

Gunster and Banks are said to have discussed a number of business opportunities and held meetings with prospective clients.

Mr Farage does not appear to have declared any of the visits funded by third parties to the European Parliament. It is not clear whether he was obliged to declare these costs under EU rules governing members of the European Parliament. Had Mr Farage been a Westminster MP, he would have had to declare the costs.

Mr Farage denies any wrongdoing.

Mr Banks is currently under investigation by the National Crime Agency over the source of money used to fund his Leave.EU referendum campaign.


Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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