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How the Muslims do it

The Muslims seem to have figured out how to stop woke corporate propaganda. They don’t need to boycott. The companies are terrified to offend them in the first place #PrideMonth

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Our own Nero

Joe Biden fiddles while America burns. He is our own Nero, lacking only Nero’s stylish togas and imperial panache. So this is why I laugh and cheer when our callous, corrupt despot falls on his face. My only regret is that he’s taking the country down with him!

SB14 was signed by the Governor of Texas yesterday effective 9/1/23, which prohibits the castration and sexual mutilation of children. You are welcome, as I helped with this, as well as helped get South Dakota law passed. I’m sure the ACLU will file suit soon to get an injunction against it. Arkansas’ law passed in 2021 is still being held hostage by a judge who refuses to rule on it so it can continue through the appeals process. Ximena Lopes, the director of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Genecis gender clinic in Dallas, is moving back to California. No loss to us.

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